More air - The advantages of a sports air filter in detail

Sports air filters are often used in the tuning scene. So that you know whether the purchase of a sports air filter is worthwhile for you, you need to find out what a sports air filter does and what advantages it offers. By installing a sports air filter, the engine's performance should be increased and the sound should also change. In this article, you will find the most important answers you need to have if you are interested in purchasing a sports air filter. (Tip: this is how the change from the air filter succeeds)

For what exactly is the sports air filter responsible and what are the advantages?

Only if you know how a sports air filter works can you estimate whether it makes sense to buy it. You have to find out the difference between a normal air filter and a sports air filter. In an average engine, 200 to 500 liters of air are drawn in and supplied. Since this is contaminated with dirt, small particles and other foreign parts, it is essential to clean it with an air filter beforehand. This is the only way to get clean air into the engine. The entire engine area is therefore spared, as the small particles can cause damage without cleaning. For example, they create additional friction and can destroy other components or the entire engine. The life expectancy of the engine increases with the air filter. And the sports air filter is able to clean more air in a shorter time and thus feed it to the engine. However, it also happens that there is a slightly poorer cleaning, which is why more small parts end up in areas where they should not be.

The life expectancy of the engine is therefore attacked and reduced in the worst case. But again, you should keep in mind that using the sport air filter will result in an increase in performance that compensates for the negative aspect. Especially if you want to drive a car, then the purchase of a sports air filter is an absolute must. The sports air filter provides more air for combustion, which makes it even faster and more efficient to burn the fuel. For tuning fans, of course, the engine noise is important. The sports air filter often leads to changes that the fans love and is the cheap alternative to the complete Cold-air intake system, By sucking in more air and less drag, you get a richer sound that sounds much sportier and, especially in combination with a sports exhaust system, blends perfectly.

Do you need to register a sports air filter?

There is no general answer that applies to all sports air filters. Therefore, you must contact the seller or dealer beforehand and ask if there are certain rules for the desired product. The TÜV checks especially the volume, which increases by the installation, which is why there are changes here. Is a ABE At the same time, this only has to be carried along. Is there only one Teilegutachten, then you have to go to individual acceptance drive at a test center. More keywords on the topic: Replacement filter, replacement filter, replacement air filter, cotton filter, filter mat, high-performance permanent air filter, oil-soaked air filter, permanent filter, permanent air filter, foam filter, sports air filter, sports air filter mushroom, sports air filter mat, sports air filter mushroom, replacement filter, replacement air filter, washable filter

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