Acoustic tuning is popular: retrofit sound system!

Premium manufacturers often optionally available ex works

Many cars are already equipped with a very good music system ex works. But there are drivers for whom that is not enough. It has to "really pop". A sound like in the cinema or even better is possible at any time ex works. Not wobbling panes and fluttering hair. Anyone who loves this type of sound system decides to retrofit, upgrade or convert the factory audio system. There are already comparatives cheap retrofit systems, which can then be controlled by the multifunction steering wheel and fit perfectly into the overall picture of the vehicle.

Expertise in retrofitting required

However, a layman usually does not manage to install the retrofit system himself. At least not if more than just a DIN radio to be replaced. This helps the tuning workshop. It threatens namely the self-construction a disturbance of the bus systems in the car. Often extensive disassembly is required - for example, if the control unit and the radio display were installed separately as standard. Also, the installation should finally look smart and ideally not at all noticeable. The latest trend is not just decibels, but above all, better sounds and cleaner solutions. With these, the systems look as if they had been installed at the factory. Some hi-fi vendors supply the matching panels including the ventilation grilles to guarantee the perfect integration.

Retrofit solution in series look

Note the functions of the radio displays

In modern cars, the radio displays have functions outside of the music system. For example, they also provide information on air pressure, the rain sensor, the air conditioning system, the parking sensors and navigation. Setting options are included. These must not be affected by the retrofit. This can only be done by a specialist workshop and of course a device that can process this function and continue to display it.

Systems like Apple Car Play & Android Auto are becoming more popular

What do the drivers imagine with a good sound?

A good sound is created by a clear, distortion-free reproduction. The bass foundation is enormously important. The frequencies must match the driving sound of the car. The balanced sound is characterized by the absence of disturbing elevations or subsidence of individual frequency responses. These would affect the sound enjoyment. Of course, the system may also be loud. The drivers should only be aware that they must also be aware of the traffic situation - for example the siren of a police or emergency vehicle - acoustically. It remains an isolated decision as to how loud someone turns his system in the car. Technically, there are hardly any limits.

What does such a retrofit cost?

If you go to a specialist market, you will find good car radios for retrofitting from around 100 euros, but this really does not create a sound miracle. High-quality systems cost from around 1.300 to 2.000 euros, but as always there are no upper limits. Then there are the costs in the workshop. The installation of such systems is worthwhile for absolute music lovers, drivers who are on the road for a long time and buyers of a better used car whose music system is unfortunately outdated. The better systems have digital sound processors that get the most out of the sound. This allows all frequency responses to be set precisely, which significantly improves the sound in the vehicle.

Of course, this also includes decent speakers. The background: In principle, a system sounds different in every vehicle because the individual body and the engine cause very different driving noises. The digital sound setting is therefore really worthwhile. HERE we have taken up the topic again for you with regard to the most important components that you can install. PS: With our instructions you can install new speakers in the doors yourself.

Tip: New sound system installed and the alternator makes Whistling noises over the speakers? Our tips to eliminate the problem.

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