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Guide - tips and tricks for buying rims

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Infiniti QX70 32 inch chrome rims tuning 2 advice tips and tricks for buying rims

That people like to buy with their eyes is nothing new. Often it is with Buy rims exactly the same way. However, you should be careful because other factors also come into play when choosing your rims. Since prior knowledge is recommended, you will find this guide Tips and Tricksto select the right rims for your vehicle. The first thing you should be aware of is whether you can alloy wheels, carbon rims, magnesium wheels or for example Steel rims need. The materials already differ in that steel rims heavier than any other rims in the same dimension and thereby the vehicle weight and especially the rotating mass elevated. Carbon or magnesium rims are of course even lighter, but also extremely expensive and by no means available for every vehicle. Incidentally, a higher vehicle weight also increases the weight Fuel or electricity consumption.

Still in trend: aluminum rims

Again, when durability and durability are an issue, steel rims are a better choice. For example, brake dust, weather conditions and the like are not of interest to the rim. The appearance of the vehicle suffers as a result, as steel rims are not exactly beautiful. Create a remedy for this hubcaps, but these only wear conditionally for beautification.

Mercedes AMG GT R Vossen EVO 2R rims 5 advice tips and tricks for buying rims

So you should choose alloy wheels decide when the look of the vehicle plays a major role. Alloy rims perfect the look of the car. In most tuning shops there is therefore primarily this type of rims to buy, as modification often depends heavily on the appearance. Alternatively, as already mentioned, there are rims made of magnesium or carbon, but the costs are significantly higher.

Buying mistakes that can be avoided!

The first mistake When buying, it can already come about that you have the wrong size of the rims. This is the first thing you will be asked when configuring, because the most beautiful rims will not do you any good if the dimensions are not correct. When configuring, you can also specify the make, model and engine of your vehicle so that you can find the recommended rim size straight away. At the same time, you can also filter parameters in order to find the right size even faster. But it is best to choose via the Key numbers from the Zulassung.

Approval car key numbers Guide Tips and tricks for buying rims

The second mistake often lies in the fact that often rims without expert opinion can be bought, but with which one does not get through the main inspection. And an expert opinion is also important if you are stopped at a traffic stop. It can quickly happen that your vehicle due to the possible dangers of the non-approved rims shut down becomes. In such a case, you can also use a Fines (€) and even count points up to and including a driving ban. It is important to pay attention to whether the desired rims have a general Operating permit (ABE) and a Europe-wide EC type approval have. If this is the case, you can drive all over Europe with the rims you want without any problems.

Test report parts certificate individual acceptance tuning e1593775644855 Advice tips and tricks for buying rims

In some exceptional cases, the modification acceptance additionally by a Test organization take place, for example at TÜV, DEKRA or GTÜ. However, you should be able to find out easily. But since this is not the case in most cases, you do not have to worry about it. A typical special case would be if you opt for special rims that nothing have to do with the standard size for the vehicle. These rims have different dimensions than intended in terms of offset, diameter and width. If such a rim is delivered without a partial certificate or without an ABE, then it is a individual acceptance necessary.

Winter and summer rims?

The last thing you should know about differentiating Winter and summer rims think. In fact, there is a difference here, as rims are exposed to harsher conditions such as snow, grit, ice and, above all, road salt in winter. Alloy rims are very sensitive to it. There are special surface coatings for this, but not every aluminum rim has them as standard. If the rim powder-coated oxidation of the aluminum is prevented. Because of this, are rims suitable for winter use often a little more expensive. In most cases, everyone also has a set of rims with winter tires and a set of rims with summer tires. Who is getting a set for the price of a small car multi-part alloy wheels has indulged, he should just generally go to one in winter cheap aluminum rim put. Even if this brings a few losses in terms of optics.

VW Phaeton 3.0 TDI GP3 Tuning RH WM102 5 advisors tips and tricks for buying rims

Ultimately, as is so often the case, when you decide to buy a new set of wheels, it comes down to the details. The more precisely you choose new rims, the shorter the intervals between buying them.

BMW E46 RB25DET Neo Nissan Motor Swap 18 Guide Tips and tricks for buying rims

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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