Autotuning, technically and optically!

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Many car fans, primarily of the younger generation, have made it their task to pimp their vehicles in a kind of competition or, in technical terms, to tune them. You can change the car both technically and visually. Most build optical parts such as colored, larger rims or wider Rear- and fender. Those who have technical expertise and, at best, a large wallet, also or exclusively install technical, mostly performance-enhancing components. There is a great variety here, among others Chiptuning or Upgrade turbocharger. With chip tuning, the programming of the engine control unit is changed in such a way that more power and, ideally, even less consumption is the result.

Sports exhaust systems are popular

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louder Exhaust are among the most popular components, but also among the most expensive. A disadvantage, however, is the noise pollution. Because many illegally remove or modify the mufflers on their exhaust systems (empty) these tend to be much louder than they should actually be. This results in annoyed people, especially in big cities where the sound falls back and is amplified by tall buildings. In principle, almost all vehicles are suitable for tuning, but whether a 20-year-old small car with big rims looks good, that's another question. Things like a are forbidden Unterbodenbeleuchtung, which one often sees in American films.

no spinning wheels on the vehicle

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In addition, moving parts such as so-called Spinner Wheels prohibited, these are attachments similar to a hubcap that can rotate freely on the wheel hub. When the car comes to a stop, these attachments continue to rotate, making it appear as if the wheel is still moving. What is not only forbidden in Germany, but also highly dangerous in general nitrous oxide injections, which cause a strong increase in performance for a brief moment. There is no possibility of approval for this and in addition, using this type of tuning can cause massive damage Engine damage be the result. If you are caught by the police with an active NOS system, you risk losing your driver's license and high fines.

How does the acceptance by means of a parts certificate work?

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The test center provides on the basis of Teilegutachten for the installed component Test certificate off if there is nothing wrong with the tuning. With the test certificate issued, the car owner can finally enter the change at the responsible registration office Vehicle papers register. The papers with the entries must always be carried and be presentable in the event of an inspection. It is best to keep the instructions for the parts yourself and store them in the car.

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