Collector's vehicles... how to make them fit for the winter break!

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Collector's vehicles, such as convertibles or old and youngtimers, should soon into hibernation walk. The weather of the cold season, i.e. wetness, damp leaves and sometimes salt on the road, is not up to the old sheet metal in the long run. However, despite regular care, it is advisable before hibernation still some preparations to be made. One Laundry, best with Underbody washing in the car wash, is the first thing before it is stored in a dry garage. An additional professional engine cleaning is the icing on the cake so that a problem-free start is possible in spring. Tip: In a cleaning that you do yourself with the Pressure Washer undertakes, caution is advised. A distance of at least half a meter should be maintained in order to protect the rubber seals, among other things. And with any steam jets In the engine compartment, it is best to mask sensitive areas of the engine control, the three-phase generator and the ignition coil so that they do not come into contact with water.

Properly maintain collector's vehicles!

Cleaning the engine with water will wash away oil and grease. Therefore, according to the law, the water-intensive engine wash must be carried out in a special place with an oil separator. There are penalties if you clean the engine in the front yard.

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What tips to take to heart!

Dirt attracts moisture and it can become unsightly odors and rusting to lead. After Outside- follows the interior cleaning, i.e. the thorough vacuuming of the passenger compartment and trunk. Any leather upholstery should also be fitted with a suitable one care products are treated. To prevent mold it is advised to pollen filter exchange. If this is not available, it is sufficient to ventilate the interior well by leaving the side windows open a little. That You clean the top of a convertible with soapy water. This should then too stay slightly open, so that the fabric and the convertible top mechanism are protected. Gaskets and rubber parts stay supple when using Vaseline or talcum can be rubbed in. You also spray Hinges (doors, tailgate etc.) with oil or fat.

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Fill up and change the oil!

To ensure that the unit remains undamaged, it is recommended before hibernation, an oil change to do. Otherwise, acids can form due to the old suspended particles from the oil. It is also important to check the oil level in the shift differential and in the rear axle differential, if present. Incidentally, too much air in the tank causes condensation to form, which leads to corrosion in a metal tank. Therefore, it is advised to use the vehicle with a full tank turn off However, this does not apply to vehicles from the mid-80s, as these usually have a plastic tank to have. Fuel additives (are available for Petrol and Diesel) help to combat tank rusting. and Antifreeze in the windshield wiper system and in the cooling water prevents freezing. Besides, they should Windshield wiper be folded down to flatten the Lips to prevent.

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Keep the starter battery fit!

For older vehicles, the Starter battery to be removed. However, newer cars could have problems with the electronics if they are without power supply. Here, with a suitable device (Battery pulse od. battery monitor) the state of charge is retained. One in between Push back and forth of the vehicle, prevents flat tires. On top of that, the oil and grease is distributed in the gears and shafts. Alternatively, there are so-called Tire weighing / tire saver. The tires should also have a raised Pressure shut down to 2,5 to 3 bar will. Incidentally, in newer cars, the air conditioning compressor is lubricated by briefly Air conditioning turns on with the engine running.

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Do not park a deregistered vehicle publicly!

For cars with a self-supporting body, it is advisable to have the cavity Protection to check thoroughly. Older vehicles, pre-war models with a frame construction, also have cavities. To avoid corrosion and expensive repairs, the seal must be intact and undamaged. A dry and well ventilated garage or shed, are perfect places for wintering. Incidentally, in order to avoid having your beloved vehicle towed away, it may only be tagged with a visible, registered License-plates be parked in public parking lots.

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Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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